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Our free guides on Product Information Management (PIM)

PIM WordPress Integration

Streamline your digital content management by integrating your Product Information Management (PIM) system with WordPress. In this insights article, we look at practical steps, benefits, and potential challenges in WordPress integration. Do it right and you optimise your operations, boosting efficiency, ensuring product data consistency, and enhancing the customer experience by effectively leveraging the powerful WordPress platform for your online store.

PIM Shopify Integration

We take a look at how to integrate your Product Information Management (PIM) system seamlessly with eCommerce platform, Shopify. You can enhance your e-commerce operations by unifying product data, streamlining workflows, and boosting efficiency. Whether you’re a retailer or a brand owner, we outline the benefits, and best practices to make the most of this powerful integration. Connecting your PIM system with Shopify is a simple way to boost your online business and improve customer experience overnight.

Digitising your Product Data and Centralising your Product Catalogue

Transform your manufacturing business with our comprehensive eBook. Discover the significance of digitising your product data and centralising your product catalogue in the B2B landscape. Learn how to navigate data challenges, embrace digital transformation, and effectively train your team for a digital future. Download now to gain your competitive edge.

The Reality of Product Data in Retail

We reviewed the product data quality of six major UK retailers. Understand the role and impact of product data quality in the UK electrical retail sector. Explore the latest insights on retail product data quality in UK’s top retailers. Uncover the impact of data accuracy on sales and discover strategies for optimisation in our latest report.

Digital Asset Management

Enriched product data is one of the keys to creating a compelling and attractive showcase for your product offering across all channels. Whether it’s video, image galleries or extensive documented information for usage, potential customers expect a strong visual presence on your product pages. This article explores the best practices for leveraging your digital asset management.

EBOOK – 5 Common Mistakes in a PIM Project

For a long time, PIM projects were seen as purely technical. This meant that they were often delivered by technology teams with little or no experience of dealing with the complexities of business change management. This guide will show you the benefits a PIM consulting partner can bring to your business.

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