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Ergonode PIM Partner

Start with Data is an official implementation PIM partner with Ergonode, a visionary cloud-native SaaS MDM and PIM platform. Working closely together, we implement the Ergonode platform, helping our clients accelerate time to market, boost sales and enhance their customer experience.

What is Ergonode?

Ergonode is a catalog management tool which allows clients to deal with product data. It is headquartered in Poland and the USA and specialises in product data and catalog management for retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. Founded in 2018, it is a new player in the PIM software market.

The idea of attribute management is at the core of efficient product catalog enrichment and distribution. the Ergonode platform – when it comes to digital sales channels, product management empowers your team with efficient catalog management, increases the productivity and quality of their day-to-day work, and provides data enrichment.

If you are a retailer, brand, manufacturer, or distributor considering Ergonode or requiring support, we can help you.

The Ergonode Platform

Ergonode is an open Cloud PIM system which facilitates and streamlines product information management in eCommerce. It is a simple platform to create, manage and distribute product information across multiple channels.

It is a comprehensive solution for product catalog management and all elements of product content management processes. Ergonode equips teams with the tools to enrich, manage and distribute accurate and high-quality product catalogs.

It is a comprehensive solution for product catalog management and all elements of product content management processes. Ergonode equips teams with the tools to enrich, manage and distribute accurate and high-quality product catalogs.

Among the main enablers of Ergonode’s extensive PIM features are the following:

  • design product data which stands out, by creating excellent and imaginative    templates for product families
  • set powerful and highly efficient workflows for all internal teams involved in content enrichment and syndication
  •  scale the business with ease and flexibility
  • easily manage multiple languages for both customer-facing information and internal users
  • create, customise, and execute import and syndication processes
  • store, manage and deploy digital assets with an incorporated DAM solution

Ergonode PIM solutions

As a new Product Information Management platform, Ergonode’s clients certainly see it as one of the most user-friendly PIMs. The company also places great emphasis on businesses being ‘for and about people.’ As such, the tool’s design has user-friendliness at its core. It is Desktop PWA-ready and built with a developer-friendly approach with headless commerce very much in mind. Among its features are capabilities for:

  1. Bulk editing
  2. creating custom product templates
  3. Integrated backend API (API driven structure)
  4. Compatibility with GraphQL
  5. Completeness verification for product information
  6. Multiple integrations using MACH architecture


Ergonode PIM responds to the demand for universal product content, ranking features, descriptions, reviews, media sources, and pricing packages in digital sheets with automated correction. Using AI and machine learning, it can design universal content in line with the needs of customers in various segments and channels.

Ergonode PIM has designed its navigation around major product information management flow elements, which include source management, product data design, catalog management, and distribution. Users benefit from:

  •         an easy-to-use drag and drop product designer
  •         flexible catalog management using an ‘Excel-like’ spreadsheet
  •         a modern open-source platform deploying micro-services
  •         efficient workflow management for PIM teams
  •         performance levels to cope with millions of SKUs
  •         advanced customisable ACL (Access Control List)

Ergonode integration

As it is an open-source platform Ergonode makes it easy to enable customisation and extensions.

Additionally, Integrating Ergonode (PIM) with the most popular e-commerce platform is a priority which the company emphasises. Ergonode offer a wide range of connectors with online shops and is already connected to the fastest-growing open-source e-commerce system in the world (Shopware 6). The company is forging ahead in this area, currently developing connectors for PrestaShop, Sylius and Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce.

In terms of specific functionality, Ergonode’s syndication dashboard shows precisely which data is delivered to which marketplace and what the data’s completeness score is. Once it is complete, the dashboard indicates as such. complete and correct product information in the format required by a given marketplace is ensured.

Ergonode syndication

Ergonode syndication enables the automatic transfer of enriched product information to e-commerce channels while keeping their completeness and quality. Ergonode actually serves as a ‘middleware system,’ where product data is structured, organized, and then imported into large-size platforms like Magento. When information changes for, say a thousand products, only that information which has changed is transferred to the system rather than all. Ergonode also automates the mapping of data from all sources and finally transfers it to platforms and marketplaces in the requisite forms.

Benefits of Ergonode PIM integration and consulting with Start with Data

The Ergonode user interface is straightforward and very intuitive – there are numerous examples of its architecture on the company’s website – performs to a high standard and offers particularly good customer support (backed up by numerous testimonials). Integrating the Ergonode PIM platform offers an agile, headless solution for many different sales channels. 

At Start with Data, our proven methodology and extensive experience supports every Ergonode PIM implementation. We are ideally positioned to integrate Ergonode solutions and enhance the consistency and quality of your product data.

We help you to configure each Ergonode PIM with the features and capabilities to suit your objectives. After carrying out an exhaustive discovery phase with internal stakeholders, we provide advice on the best version and deployment for you, factoring in the design of processes, most suitable data modelling & technology solutions to align with your strategic vision.

Start with Data’s team of expert experienced consultants will be with you at every stage of the implementation project to create a customised Ergonode solution to give your product information management a competitive edge, because to be competitive in the rapidly changing digital commerce landscape, it is imperative that manufacturers, retailers, and distributors deliver content which surpasses customers’ expectations, be they individual consumers or B2B purchasers with a different motive for using that information. We work alongside Ergonode to guarantee your strategy is founded on accurate, rich, responsive, and enhanced product data.

Start with Data offers two strong streams of support during and after the implementation process for an Ergonode PIM:

1. Consulting and implementation

2. Support and maintenance

As an official partner with Ergonode PIM solutions, we would be more than happy to have an in-depth conversation with you about how we could add value to your business’s bottom line. 

Ergonode PIM Partner

In today’s competitive digital economy, your product information must be compelling, accurate, complete, and available everywhere it’s needed—faster than ever. Easier said than done with an ever-increasing number of products, product attributes, sales channels, and systems to contend with. Combine that with a lack of internal resources, and it’s easy to understand why product information management has become a big headache for many retailers, brand manufacturers, and distributors.

We can provide expert guidance you need to map your journey in the world of product data​

Whatever your strategy needs, our consultants will guide the way and give you the roadmap you need to get to streamlined processes and better data faster

Current & future state assessment

We determine business goals and the desired future state for product data management, whilst uncovering bottlenecks and pain points

Data quality assessment

We sample product data across systems to identify data quality issues in your systems and processes

UX & Taxonomy Audits

We run product data experience and taxonomy audits on your existing website to improve your customer experience

Business Case Development

In an increasingly saturated market full of vendors that promise the world, we advise customers on the best PIM solution for their business and needs

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Ergonode PIM Partner