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PIM & Digital Catalogue Solution for B2B Businesses

As the digital transformation of B2B commerce continues, the demand for superior product data management is paramount.

Our B2B PIM & Digital Catalogue Solution is crafted specifically for B2B businesses that need to digitise their product data.

Product Data Hurdles for B2B Businesses

In today’s digital era, businesses grapple with significant hurdles that affect their bottom line. One of the most prominent is customers landing on a website only to encounter sparse or incomplete product details. This not only deters potential buyers but also undermines a brand’s credibility and trustworthiness. Similarly, a sales team lacking real-time product information can’t form robust customer relationships or sell effectively. Internally, when a company’s data is decentralized and inconsistent, it hampers productivity and disrupts teamwork, emphasizing the need for a unified data source to ensure efficiency and collaboration. Moreover, in an age where rapid innovation is paramount, the existing disorganized product data management poses challenges, leading to delays in new product introductions and, subsequently, lost sales opportunities.

Our B2B PIM & Digital Catalogue Solution

We provide businesses with a unified, cutting-edge solution that seamlessly merges advanced Product Information Management (PIM) capabilities with your website, facilitating efficient data management and a superior online showcase of their products.

Centralise your product information into a leading PIM solution

Our chosen PIM system, Sales Layer, is tailored for B2B operations, ensuring you can effortlessly manage, update, and synchronise product data in real time. No more discrepancies, no more outdated info—just pure, unadulterated accuracy.

Enhance your product data & content with enriched, complete information your customers need

Beyond management, we elevate your product data. Our dedicated team prepares, refines, and enriches your product information, ensuring it’s primed for your market and audience.

Showcase your enhanced product information on your website, digital catalogue or eCommerce site

Showcasing your products online is a breeze with our digital catalogue solution. Integrated directly into your website, it offers an immersive browsing experience complete with rich media, dynamic updates, and mobile-responsive design.

Benefits of our solutions for b2b manufacturerers & distributors

Real Time Access for your Customers

Digital natives, consumers today, expect real-time updates. They want to know that what they see online is the most recent, accurate version of the product. A digitised catalogue ensures that product details are updated in real-time, providing a level of transparency that customers now demand.

Amplified Distribution of Product Data to Channels

As the digital marketplace expands, so do the platforms that host it. From niche online stores to major third-party retail platforms, manufacturers need a system that ensures their product is represented consistently everywhere.

Operational Efficiencies & Speed to Market

Efficiency is more than just a buzzword; it's a competitive advantage. In the race to get products to market, those with digitised catalogues have a distinct edge.

Ready to centralise & digitise your product data?

To learn more about how our solution for B2B businesses, enquire now.

Frequently Asked Questions

A B2B Product Information Management (PIM) solution is a centralized platform that helps businesses collect, manage, and distribute product data, ensuring that all product information is consistent and up-to-date across various sales channels.

Sales Layer is a leading B2B PIM solution that streamlines the management of product data, ensuring it’s accurate, consistent, and ready for distribution across all your digital touchpoints.

A digital catalogue solution allows you to showcase your entire product catalogue on your website, providing customers with comprehensive product details, which in turn, can enhance the user experience, boost trust, and drive sales.

By offering real-time access to updated product data, a PIM solution like Sales Layer empowers sales teams to provide accurate product information, improving customer relationships and increasing sales opportunities.

Centralizing product data ensures that every department, from sales to marketing, accesses the same ‘single version of the truth.’ This promotes internal consistency, improves decision-making, and reduces the risk of data-related errors.

Our PIM solution streamlines the management and dissemination of new product data, reducing the time-to-market and ensuring that all channels receive accurate and consistent product details from the get-go.

By ensuring consistent, accurate, and rich product data across all channels, a PIM & digital catalogue solution can improve on-site SEO, enhance user experience, and boost the website’s visibility in search engine results.