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a leading product data management consultancy based in the UK. We are experts in product information management (PIM) and master data management (MDM), specialising in strategy and implementation consultancy.

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We help clients identify the value of better product data management processes, data governance and technology.

System Integration

We help clients implement technology, processes and data governance to realise supplier and customer value from product data management.

Latest Insight

The product data onboarding challenge for FMCG manufacturers

How can FMCG manufacturers to manage the multiple challenges they face when onboarding product data? We look at the principle issues and focus on leveraging the power of digital technology, sound data governance and excellent supplier and vendor relationships.

Industrial manufacturers: the product data onboarding challenge

For industrial manufacturers, the demand for product data from suppliers is ballooning, bringing with it a potential problem of backlogs due to an inability to keep up with the speed and quantity of product data entering the business. How can working with consultancy partners and technology solution specialists ensure the onboarding process can be smooth and trouble-free?

Three benefits of product data management for manufacturers

As industry 4.0 becomes more commonplace, product data has a significant impact on resource deployment, efficiency, quality, and costs. The tools currently available allow product information management capabilities to generate several benefits for manufacturers.