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a leading product data management consultancy based in the UK. We are experts in product information management (PIM) and master data management (MDM), specialising in strategy and implementation consultancy.

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We help clients identify the value of better product data management processes, data governance and technology.

System Integration

We help clients implement technology, processes and data governance to realise supplier and customer value from product data management.

Latest Insight

PIM vendor series: Winshuttle

In this series we ask our partners 5 questions on their perspective of the product data management market, what their solution offers, and the kinds of customers they work with. Our vendor partner Winshuttle provides the answers about their Enterworks PIM platform.

PIM in eCommerce

Using a PIM solution for your ecommerce strategy is the only way forward for those businesses who want to stay ahead of the competition. High-quality, consistent and updated product information is guaranteed across all channels.

Data migration tools

Clearly, a data migration tool must possess features like flexibility, scalability and ease of use for those stakeholders with minimal technical expertise. Additionally, to add

Product Data Migration: Testing

In a product data migration project, testing your data is a key step before embarking on the major phases of the process. This means validating and verifying the data you are planning to migrate.