We transform how organisations use product data to deliver customer value

Start with Data help retailers, brands and manufacturers deliver value using Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM)

About Us

We are the leading data management consultancy, helping our customers create long lasting value from PIM & MDM.

Our Customers

Start with Data work with large retailers and distributors including some of the biggest names in eCommerce

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Brands and manufacturers work with Start with Data to win on the digital shelf

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Your partner for PIM Strategy & Implementation

Start with Data is your trusted partner for designing & implementing market leading PIM and PXM solutions

PIM & MDM Strategy

Deliver customer-led outcomes as part of your digital transformation

PIM Implementation

Implement a modern PIM solution to deliver high quality product data to your customers

Product Content Services

Improve the quality of your product data to deliver a better customer experience across your channels

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The Product Data Services you need to compete and win

Start with Data can help improve your product data quality to deliver exceptional customer experiences on your digital shelf​

Data Migration

We migrate data from your legacy systems and spreadsheets to your new or existing PIM solution

Data Cleansing

We can clean your existing product data to improve your customer experience

Taxonomy & Attribution

We advise on improvements in taxonomy and attribution to deliver better usability & conversion

Your partner for PIM Implementation & Support

Start with Data is your trusted partner for implementing market leading PIM and PXM solutions

Precisely Enterworks

Start with Data are the leading Enterworks partner in the UK with successful retail implementations

Salsify PXM

Salsify is the leading Product Experience Management (PXM) and syndication platform for brands and manufacturers

Latest Insight

The price of poor-quality product information

It stands to reason that if the product information you provide is poor quality, your business will inevitably pay a price, and not just in financial terms. We look at the consequences of using poor-quality product data, ranging from inconvenient to lethal.

The role of the data management consultant

A common problem with product data is that it often flows around the organisation in apparently random, incomplete, incorrect, outdated, or duplicated forms. A fast-moving business tends to have neither the time nor the capability to seriously address these issues. That is when a data management consultant can provide invaluable expertise in addressing the above problems

3 advantages of PIM for brands on the digital shelf

The quality of your digital shelf defines not only the volume of your sales revenue, but also the value of your brand to consumers. read more about the advantages of using a PIM solution to optimise your digital shelf.

3 advantages of PIM and the digital shelf for manufacturers

Nowadays, the omnichannel customer journey needs to allow your customers to research and shop across a wide range of platforms, online, in-store, or, in the case of B2B, from a data pool like Icecat. With a PIM, it’s in your hands to make sure they experience a smooth, problem-free, and fruitful interaction with your brand.