We are Start with Data

a leading product data management consultancy based in the UK. We are experts in product information management (PIM) and master data management (MDM), specialising in strategy and implementation consultancy.

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We help clients identify the value of better product data management processes, data governance and technology.

System Integration

We help clients implement technology, processes and data governance to realise supplier and customer value from product data management.

Latest Insight

Product data migration – the process

No two data migration projects are the same, so the methodology used will vary from case to case. However, for Start with Data, the basis of any successful transformation project lies in the application of our four-step model.

What differentiates Start with Data

This interview with Ben Adams, Start with Data’s Founder and CEO, focuses on what differentiates Start with Data from the rest, why technology is only half the story, and what trends the future may reveal.

PIM solutions: 10 things to look for

A PIM implementation project throws up a lot of complex challenges. We look at ten of the most significant – the factors to bear in mind, and why you need to be on the ball well before starting the project itself.

The importance of product information management

The acceleration in eCommerce adoption makes a PIM system ever more essential, as the volume of product information grows exponentially. The gains of a PIM encompass revenue, competitiveness, and sustainability.