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Bluemeteor PIM Partner

As the UK's leading partner, Start with Data are experts in Bluemeteor’s Product Content Cloud (PCC) solution, supporting the implementation and integration of their Product Content Cloud for distributors and manufacturers.

What is Bluemeteor?

Bluemeteor provides a suite of solutions which makes it easy to onboard, manage, update, govern, personalise, and syndicate product information across all types of channels. It is targeted at manufacturers and distributors with large product catalogues and its wide range of features provide a comprehensive set of solutions to managing product data across its entire lifecycle.

The Bluemeteor platform

Bluemeteor Product Content Cloud offers an extensive set of functionalities designed to provide a comprehensive solution to all aspects of product data. Its highly user-friendly interface and wide range of features means Bluemeteor Product Content Cloud puts businesses firmly in control of streamlining their product information management processes for the greatest possible efficiency and effectiveness.Its extensive list of features includes:

  • Product content onboarding
  • Product information management
  • Product data quality 
  • Data governance and workflow 
  • Digital asset management
  • Product content personalisation
  • Product content syndication
  • Product data intelligence and analytics
  • Translation and Localisation


    Other services offered by Bluemeteor:

    Databridge (“Middleware for Product Content”) 

    This sub-platform offers cloud-based product data integration, automating its flow from back-end data repositories like ERPs, Data warehouses, or PIMs, to web-ready eCommerce marketplaces and distribution channels.


    This community enables its membership to streamline and facilitate the exchange of product content among each other in order to collaboratively build an industry product catalogue containing rich product content and digital assets. The aim of this collaborative initiative is to enhance the overall customer experience with accurate and reliable enriched content. 


    Bluemeteor’s AmazePXM delivers high-quality, up-to-date, relevant, personalised, and contextualised product experiences across all channels, providing the impetus for businesses to drive customer loyalty, enhance brand value, and boost eCommerce revenue.


    Bluemeteor’s platform enables optimised omnichannel performance, allowing businesses to deliver in-context, personalised product content across all touch points to build meaningful product experiences at scale. It simplifies the processes and workflows involved in acquiring, managing, and delivering contextualised product content quickly and efficiently. Its low-code, cloud-native platform is suitable for any industry or sector.

Bluemeteor Services offered by Start with Data

At Start with Data, we follow a comprehensive set of services for Bluemeteor customers whether you are a new or existing customer.

Bluemeteor Implementation >

As the UK Bluemeteor implementation partner, we leverage our expertise to onboard and train your team on the Bluemeteor PCC platform, ensuring seamless integration and maximum impact.

Bluemeteor Integration >

Our skilled team excels in Bluemeteor integration services, both internally and connecting to business partners such as all major eCommerce platforms, Unlock the full potential of product data for your business, to foster future-proofed, sustainable growth and streamline your processes.

Bluemeteor Managed Services & Support >

Leverage our extensive range of managed services, tailored to support the daily operations of your Bluemeteor account, and ensure optimum performance.

Bluemeteor Demo >

Experience Bluemeteor’s extensive range of features with a detailed demo.

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