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PIM for Salesforce

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the cornerstone for many e-commerce brands, promising scalability, flexibility, and a rich set of functionalities. Enhance this foundation with the integration of a Product Information Management (PIM) system, and the results are transformative. Start with Data excels in delivering this integration, creating an ecosystem where product data flourishes.

Empowering Salesforce Commerce with PIM: A Winning Combination

Salesforce Commerce offers a robust e-commerce platform. Couple this with an integrated PIM system and you unlock:

  • Data Consistency: Maintain unified and updated product information across all channels.
  • Operational Excellence: Simplify product data management processes, enabling quicker product launches and updates.
  • Customer Delight: Provide detailed and accurate product information, enhancing customer trust and augmenting user experience.

Why Choose Start with Data for Your Salesforce Commerce PIM Integration?

  • Deep Knowledge: Our intricate understanding of Salesforce Commerce and top PIM systems ensures a flawless integration.
  • Round-the-clock Support: Our team provides continuous assistance, from the initial setup to any subsequent needs.
  • Tailored Strategies: Recognising the distinct needs of every business, we craft bespoke integration plans to match your aspirations.

Start with Data's PIM Integration Connectors for Salesforce Commerce

Salesforce Commerce & Salsify

Combine Salesforce Commerce with Salsify’s renowned PIM capabilities. Ensure accurate product listings and a streamlined data management process.

Salesforce Commerce  & Sales Layer

Harness Sales Layer’s data solutions with Salesforce Commerce’s rich functionalities. Deliver a compelling shopping experience every time.

Salesforce Commerce  & Akeneo

Integrate Akeneo’s PIM solutions with your Salesforce Commerce store. Enhance clarity, and precision in every product listing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Salesforce PIM Integration

PIM integration ensures your Salesforce Commerce store showcases only the most consistent, current, and error-free product listings, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Start with Data offers seamless integration with leading PIM systems such as Salsify, Sales Layer, and Akeneo for your Salesforce Commerce platform.

With Start with Data at your side, the integration is straightforward. We guide you through each step, ensuring a smooth transition.

By integrating a PIM system, you’re assuring your customers receive comprehensive and accurate product details, enriching their overall shopping experience.