PIM Implementation

We are the leading experts in Strategy and System Integration in PIM and MDM for Retailers, Distributors and Manufacturers


Design  the processes, data model & technology solutions to realise the value of better product data management

Business Requirements

We will run workshops and capture business requirements.

Business Process & Workflow Design

We will design scalable and optimised business processes to help you manage your product data.

Data Model Design

We will design flexible and scalable data models to meet your business requirements.

Solution Design

We will design your solution architecture and integration architecture.


Implement the processes, data governance & technology solutions to realise the value of better product data management

Project Governance & Delivery

We will deliver your product data management processes and technology (PIM) using our tried and tested delivery methodology, providing the right project governance structure and people to ensure the implementation is a success.

PIM Configuration & Integration

We will design and implement your product data management solution architecture, ensuring it is integrated to other systems such as ERP and data lake, in a scalable and flexible way to meet your current and future requirements.

Data Migration

We will create and execute a data migration strategy, by profiling product data, mapping, cleansing and transforming product data to ensure your new data model and PIM has the highest quality data.

PIM system testing

We will do QA on your new PIM, coordinate UAT and perform system integration testing to ensure it meets your requirements.


We support clients with data governance and technology training, and maintenance of their PIM solution

PIM support and maintenance

We will support and maintain your PIM technology solution, integrating with your technology support processes as well as perform upgrades and solution enhancements.

Product data governance training

We will deliver product data governance training, in line with your data governance strategy, to embed data quality in your processes and solutions.

PIM solution training

We will deliver ongoing training of PIM system owners, both business and technical users.

PIM self service operating model support

We will support you in your aspiration to be self service across product data governance and solution delivery by supporting you with role definition, hiring and training