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PIM Vendor Portal

Streamline Supplier and vendor Data Onboarding, mapping & normalisation

What is a PIM Vendor Portal?

PIM Vendor Portal is our comprehensive solution purpose-built to streamline the onboarding, migration, and onboarding of data for your Product Information Management (PIM) needs. With our advanced technology and robust features, we empower businesses to efficiently onboard, manage and distribute their product data across various channels and trading partners.

Seamless Integration with Supplier Data Sources

Streamline your data onboarding from supplier data sources with seamless integration capabilities. PIM Vendor Portal connects directly to your suppliers’ systems or portals, enabling automatic data extraction and transformation. Our solution ensures the smooth ingestion of supplier data, saving you time and effort in manually gathering and processing information. With real-time or scheduled data updates, you can keep your PIM system in sync with the latest product information from your suppliers.

Automated Workflows and Validations

Save time and increase efficiency with our automated workflows and validations. PIM Bridge streamlines the onboarding process by automating repetitive tasks and enforcing data quality rules. Our solution performs comprehensive validations, flagging errors, inconsistencies, and missing data points, allowing you to address them before importing the data into your PIM. This ensures data accuracy and integrity right from the start, avoiding potential issues downstream.

Normalisation of Data into PIM

PIM Vendor Portal normalises data from disparate sources into a consistent format that aligns with your PIM data standards. Our solution transforms data from supplier data sources, spreadsheets, legacy systems, and external APIs into a unified structure, making it easier to manage and enrich your product data. By normalising the data, you can maintain consistency and improve data quality across your entire product catalog.

Intuitive Data Mapping and Transformation

PIM Bridge offers an intuitive interface that allows you to effortlessly map and transform data from diverse sources into your PIM system. Our solution provides a visual mapping environment, enabling you to define the relationships between data fields, attributes, and categories. This simplifies the complex task of aligning and harmonising data from multiple sources, ensuring accurate and consistent representation within your PIM.

Customisable Workflows for Data Enrichment

Take advantage of customisable workflows to enhance your product data during the onboarding process. PIM Vendor Portal allows you to define enrichment rules and logic to augment your data with additional attributes, specifications, or marketing content. By enriching your product data at the point of onboarding, you can ensure that your PIM system contains comprehensive and compelling information that drives better customer experiences.

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