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PIM for syndication to the digital shelf

If you want your digital shelf to gain a competitive edge, using a PIM to syndicate your product data is a no-brainer.

As a brand or manufacturer, you need to guarantee that the ongoing feed of product information to all your distribution channels, sales portals, websites, and touchpoints is faultless.

By integrating your syndication with a PIM System, you can be sure that you’re sending enriched and high-quality information to the right place at the right time. That guarantees minimised time to market and a competitive edge in a fiercely competitive environment.


A PIM allows you to configure your product information to fulfil the requirements of multiple channels. From its centralised storage hub to wherever you want – websites, large marketplaces, mobile-friendly platforms, print or electronic catalogs, in-store POSs, – in fact, all channels. Your content can be consistently updated, tailored, and repurposed at speed. That means personalised, searchable and compelling content to drive consumers to your digital shelf.

Creating high-quality product experiences

As the attributes and capabilities of PIM syndication software grows and extends, the range and variety of product information generated plays a larger role in customers’ pre-purchase experience. 

Your syndication tools can be leveraged to create a customer touchpoint which is consistent, comprehensive, up to date, responsive, and user-friendly.

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