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PIM for marketplace compliance

When you syndicate your product information to marketplaces, you are joining forces with powerful partners who have an immense reach. They don’t let substandard information onto their platforms, because it’s their reputation at stake, not just yours.

That’s why you need to use product feed compliance & optimisation tools to ensure you avoid costly and time-consuming rejections of your product listings.

Big marketplace players, stringent demands

Large marketplaces like Google Shopping, Amazon, or Shopify have strict requirements for product data feeds, which represents a challenge when submitting your product information for approval. These resellers demand specific data attributes to meet their data quality standards, which may not completely map to your current attributes.

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Addressing compliance problems

Many compliance errors are easy to sort out, such as:

  • Completing required attributes
  • Amending invalid values for categories
  • Improving poor-quality digital assets, such as wrong image size or quality


But manual correction takes time, and time is money (and lost revenue) in a high-speed environment with multiple competing digital shelves. That’s why many PIM solutions are incorporating automated mapping processes to rapidly analyse and connect incoming data to their appropriate channel-specific attributes.

Compliance means being timely

You want to have your products accepted and published on all your chosen channels in as short a time as possible. A PIM will help you to ensure channel-readiness and data consistency, but there are other factors at play concerning compliance.

  • If your product data is clean and verified, that makes it more consistent and accurate across all digital touchpoints
  • If you know the channel’s rules, you can tailor and syndicate your product catalogs in line with those rules
  • A PIM gives you the power to visualise the content you export in a channel go-live preview


Marketplaces have the reach to your markets which make their use a no-brainer. If you deploy the full capabilities of a PIM solution, your concerns about complying with their requirements will be put to rest.

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