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3 advantages of PIM and the digital shelf for manufacturers

Manufacturers are transforming their online sales offer by developing their digital shelf – the representation, visibility, and offer of a brand’s products on any digital channel. To ensure that the product data they use to populate this critically important business feature, those in the know are looking to their Product Information Management (PIM).

PIM involves the processes and workflows which enable high-quality, correct, up to date, and relevant information about your products is displayed across your digital shelf. Along with looking at their PIM, manufacturers are also looking to PIM solutions to win on the digital shelf.

Here are three key advantages of PIM for your product data.

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1. Speed and efficiency

PIM solutions deploy the latest technology to offer you automated tasks, templates, and dynamic responses to listing changes on the digital shelf.

You can also accelerate time-to-market using largely automated content syndication, while inbuilt intelligence measures data quality against your predefined standards – so, no more time-consuming and costly manual processes needed to check and confirm the accuracy of your product information.

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2. Customer experience

B2B buyers need more than basic data to make an informed decision, so sales channels need to be totally consistent in offering a breadth of often technical information. Never mind flowery text and dazzling images – what your purchasers are after are hard facts – PIM is essential to ensure your product data is complete, unique, valid, consistent, timely and accurate. 

So, as a manufacturer, your digital shelf should not only be an attractive and compelling showcase, but also a research source that backs up what your sales people say.


of B2B purchasers will turn to a competitor if a supplier’s digital channel can’t keep up with their needs.

3. A seamless omnichannel product experience

Nowadays, the omnichannel customer journey needs to allow your customers to research and shop across a wide range of platforms, online, in-store, or, in the case of B2B, from a data pool like Icecat. With a PIM, it’s in your hands to make sure they experience a smooth, problem-free, and fruitful interaction with your brand.

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