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3 advantages of PIM for brands on the digital shelf

The quality of your digital shelf defines not only the volume of your sales revenue, but also the value of your brand to consumers. It is the highest-quality product data which generates essential and relevant information, leading to successful business outcomes on your digital shelf. The more comprehensive and accurate the information, the easier it is for customers to search for, find and buy products. A PIM solution drives these performance enhancements on your digital shelf.

So, let’s look at three key advantages a PIM brings to your digital shelf:

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1. Gains in speed, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency

As a brand, you want your products competing in the market as soon as possible. A modern PIM uses state-of-the-art technology to speed up channel lead times. You can enable agile management and bulk editing of all product information. Product time-to-market falls, and information is agile and dynamic with:

2. Customer Experience Management on the digital shelf for brands

Accurate, wide-ranging, and emotive product content is fundamental for a brand’s customer experience.  A PIM allows you to deploy enriched, compelling information on your product pages across all touchpoints and channel types:  a critical factor in an often-random customer route towards purchase, leveraging a PIM to enhance customer experience brings measurable improvements in conversion rates, with dynamic updates providing more and more opportunities for cross- and up-selling.

3. A fully integrated omnichannel approach

Omnichannel, be it on tablets, laptops, PCs, or smart phones is where smart brands are shifting – it can find your customers where they are, rather than where you wish them to be. On the digital shelf, an effective omnichannel experience allows the customer to research and shop across a wide range of eCommerce platforms, major marketplaces, and in-store. And that shopping experience must remain consistent, wherever, or however your product information is accessed. 

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