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PIM implementation: top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

A PIM implementation is a major investment in digitising your product-centred business. You probably have a lot of questions you want to ask. In this article, we select 5 of the most commonly posed questions to help you decide to move ahead with your PIM project.

Supplier Onboarding & The Solution Vendor’s Perspective

Getting your product data from suppliers, data pools and other external partners can be a time-consuming task. In our recent webinar we talk to a PIM partner to find out just how an PIM solution can make onboarding processes agile, consistent and easy to perform.

Golden Record Management

Naturally, when it comes to your master data, your holy grail is to achieve the ‘golden record’ – the most accurate, complete, and comprehensive data which can be safely used for any application across the enterprise. We analyse how to go about ensuring you create a golden record for all your data.

The difference between data and metadata

What is product metadata? What distinguishes it from ‘regular’ product data? All is revealed in our latest article about how important metadata is in enhancing and your product information management.

Data cleaning techniques for product data

Data cleaning is a prerequisite for ensuring you are using high-quality product data when you embark on a migration project. Here, we examine why it is so crucial, what tools you can deploy and the best practices for cleaning

PIM vs PIM – a solution comparison

We outline the main factors to consider when comparing PIM platforms and solutions. We have then chosen ten popular PIM solution providers, providing an easy-to-consult comparison table followed by brief comments about each vendor –capabilities and best use in terms of sector, company type(s) and size.

PIM vendor series: Winshuttle

In this series we ask our partners 5 questions on their perspective of the product data management market, what their solution offers, and the kinds of customers they work with. Our vendor partner Winshuttle provides the answers about their Enterworks PIM platform.