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PIM consultancy VS In-house implementation

A PIM revolutionises the way you manage your products. From providing a centralised hub for high-quality product data, to creating excellent customer experiences to gains in efficiency and productivity, it is a powerful tool. But regarding implementation, a PIM platform is hardly Microsoft Office365. Without the people power and finances to fund developers and other personnel required, attempting a ‘DIY’ approach carries significant risk. 

In this article, we give you the information you need to compare in-house implementation against contracting consultancy services for this project.

Why use a PIM consultancy?

  1.     The specialist knowledge required to oversee, guide and support in the complex process of implementing a new product information management system
            • using the findings from discovery of existing data management pain points to
            • building a new data architecture
            • building a future-proofed solution
            • migrating data from a legacy system
  1.     Expertise in change and transformation: addressing the need for a digital mindset shift which is not always apparent to the                            organisation.

3.     A technology-agnostic, holistic audit of product data management processes, not from the fragmented internal perspectives of various          departments with vested interests – the basis for strategic implementation of processes which will positively impact the business’s                    bottom line for years to come.

In-house PIM implementation

In an ideal world, the following may apply:

Cost: In-house implementation can appear cost-effective as there are no external consulting services costs. Businesses use existing resources to set up and configure the PIM system.

Control: With in-house implementation, businesses have control over the PIM system. They can customise it to their needs and make changes and updates as required.

Knowledge transfer: With in-house implementation, the business develops internal expertise in PIM implementation so can become self-sufficient and not reliant on external consultants for ongoing support and maintenance.

However, what frequently happens:

Time- use: implementation can be very time-consuming if the necessary in-house expertise is lacking. The process suffers repeated delays

Lack of expertise: the project lead struggles with set-up and configuration, leading to avoidable errors, which impact the PIM’s effectiveness.

Failure: In-house implementation comes with a high risk if there’s a confluence of lack of a discovery phase, resources, knowledge and user training.

That’s why in-house PIM implementation can end up being a false economy in the long run. And don’t forget the need to maintain and service the system as the business grows and the PIM needs to manage a greater volume, variety and complexity of product data.

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Not just choosing the right technology

A familiar scenario is for the CDO and IT department lead on deciding options for PIM software. An internal project manager sets up an implementation project to get it up and running as soon as possible to minimise disruption. However, new PIMs are frequently bolted onto existing systems, leaving a raft of enduring and unresolved issues.

  • a lack of transparency and communication among departments and teams
  • duplicated effort and poor coordination result from the ‘silo’ mentality which has not been addressed due to lack of experience and              training know-how
  • functionalities which are not being fully deployed, again due to rushed implementation and lack of staff preparation.
  • inconsistent deployment, where some people exploit the benefits of PIM, while others do not.

Value added by a PIM consultancy

A team of PIM consultants will provide a business with the tools to address the problems outlined above (technological and human) and reach a position where:

A high-value PIM consultancy offers:

  •        Wxperience, expertise, and action
  •        Laser-focused approach to processes, technology, and above all, PEOPLE
  •        Specialist input when required: business consultant, system architect, data architect, taxonomy specialist, migration specialist, and              more
  •       Experience across different use cases, verticals, sectors and business models
  •       Guidance when selecting the most suitable PIM vendor to fit requirements and circumstances
  •       Long-term relationships with vendor partners alongside forensic knowledge of the various models and PIM features available

The PIM consultancy team will carry out a clear-sighted audit, with budget-holders and decision-makers, but also with key user stakeholders. This determines:

  •        Where information is stored
  •        Who creates it
  •        Who accesses and alters it in accordance with which guidelines
  •        How long time to market takes

They also guide and help the organisation to develop a fail-safe data governance framework to establish the protocols, access rights and accountability (stewardship, ownership) connected to product data.

Maintenance and troubleshooting

Outsourcing companies offer additional maintenance services, which means you don’t need to keep people on your payroll for an occasional error fix or update. On the other hand, finding a good outsourcing partner is a job in itself.

Outsourcing companies offer additional maintenance services, which means you don’t need to keep people on your payroll for an occasional error fix or update. On the other hand, finding a good outsourcing partner is a job in itself.

Download our Benefits of a PIM consultant guide

Don’t risk a DIY approach to PIM implementation! Discover the value of working with a PIM consultancy and revolutionise the way you manage your product data. From expert knowledge and guidance to a holistic audit of your data management processes and technology, a PIM consultancy offers the tools you need for success. Don’t settle for a false economy in the long run.

Choose experience, expertise, and action.

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