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Ensuring Product Data Consistency in Digital Commerce

Merchants today grapple with ensuring product data consistency across various channels in an increasingly omnichannel commerce environment. With the rise of the digital shelf, consistent product information across platforms is paramount for retailers, brands, and manufacturers but only 29% of consumers consider that their experience is consistent across all channels.

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Understanding Cross-Channel Product Data Consistency

What is cross-channel product data consistency?

Cross-channel product data consistency refers to the practice of maintaining absolute uniformity in product information across multiple channels. These channels may include a retailer’s website, mobile app, social media platforms, marketplaces, and physical stores. The goal is to ensure that customers receive the same accurate and up-to-date information about a product, regardless of where they encounter it, thus enabling them to follow a non-linear purchasing route safe in the knowledge that they have the correct information on any given channel and at any given moment when they make the decision to buy.

What is the impact on customer experience?

In today’s digital era, customers demand consistent product information across platforms. Discrepancies in details can deter purchases and harm brand trust. For instance, if a feature is highlighted on a retailer’s site but omitted on Amazon, it creates confusion, potentially leading to lost sales and a tarnished reputation for the retailer.

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The Challenge with Product Data Consistency

The Digital Shelf

Fit-for-purpose omnichannel marketing should offer customers a seamless experience across all touch points, be it via mobile device or laptop, and across distinct channel types such as their own website, a distributor, or marketplaces like Google Shopping or Amazon. The potential customer should be able to browse, research and purchase on any platform, with exactly the same quality of service and information. As such, cross-channel product data consistency is clearly a foundational component of omnichannel selling.

As the digital shelf is the brand in digital form, and the only contact many eCommerce customers will have with it, maintaining cross-channel product data consistency is an absolute minimum requirement for potential buyers to have a reason to stay with your brand’s offering.

Compliance with marketplace requirements

As digital marketplaces expand, the importance of compliance in product information intensifies, with major platforms imposing stringent listing standards. Non-compliance can lead to severe penalties or delisting. To navigate this, businesses should stay updated on marketplace guidelines, utilise a robust Product Information Management (PIM) system, and conduct regular audits of their product listings. Engaging with compliance specialists and proactively addressing discrepancies can further ensure adherence. Regular team training and fostering feedback loops can act as additional safeguards

How to Ensure Cross-Channel Product Data Consistency

Maintaining cross-channel product data consistency requires a coordinated and collaborative approach to product data management across different departments. Here are some measures businesses can implement to ensure consistency:

Create a standardised format for product information

Ensure that all users adopt a uniform approach, utilising consistent language, terminology, and product content, such as features and specifications, across all channels..

Regularly audit product information

Identify inconsistencies and discrepancies in your product details promptly and make corrections before the information is syndicated across various channels.

Train business users

If your business users understand the importance of cross-channel product data consistency, they are more likely to take the necessary steps to ensure it is maintained.

PIM software solutions

A PIM centralises the collection, management, and distribution of product information to diverse channels, ensuring consistency across platforms. This enhances customer experience and boosts sales. Additionally, PIM offers data governance features, allowing businesses to establish data quality standards and ensure regulatory compliance.

AI-powered product data enrichment solutions

These solutions use advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and enhance product data. Offering innovative features, they not only optimise product information but also revolutionise data management processes.

The Future Landscape

As the digital era progresses, the importance of product data and cross-channel consistency is set to amplify. With AI and machine learning, businesses can swiftly synchronise product details across diverse platforms, from social media to augmented reality shopping spaces. Real-time analytics will address inconsistencies, ensuring customers always encounter consistent product information. As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more common, products will directly communicate with devices, offering consumers personalised shopping experiences. In this setting, cross-channel consistency will be essential, bridging digital and physical shopping realms seamlessly.

A mismatch in product data across different platforms can severely harm customer trust and result in lost sales. As the digital representation of your brand, it’s essential that the digital shelf maintains consistency and clarity. Whether you are a new entrant to the market or an established player, ensuring cross-channel consistency can be daunting. This is where our product data expertise comes into play. Along with our AI-powered product data enrichment solutions and comprehensive knowledge of PIM software solutions, we are perfectly positioned to guide you through the complexities of product data management.

Don’t leave your brand reputation to chance. Ensure that your product data is accurate, consistent, and compliant across all platforms. Reach out to us today.


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