We help businesses deliver customer value through better product data management processes, data governance and technology We shape product data management strategies, and advise on business processes, data governance and technology for Product Information  Management (PIM) and MDM.

Product Data Value Assessment

We will assess your strategic KPIs and business outcomes and show you how better product data processes, governance and technology can support these value drivers.

Product Data Process Assessment

We will identify pain points and opportunities to improve and scale your current product data management processes, and produce a set of recommendations to improve these processes.

Product Data Governance Maturity Assessment

We will benchmark your maturity in product data governance across data access, ownership and classification to build quality and produce a set of recommendations to implement better product data governance.

Product Data Technology Assessment

We will run a technology assessment, identifying opportunities to implement technology architecture & solutions to better manage your product data and realise value for suppliers and customers. We also help you evaluate and select the right platforms.

Product Data Management Roadmap Definition & Planning

We will create a roadmap across product data process, data governance and technology changes and support you with securing sponsorship, buy in and funding to deliver identified value.