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What differentiates Start with Data

This interview with Ben Adams, Start with Data’s Founder and CEO, focuses on what differentiates Start with Data from the rest, why technology is only half the story, and what trends the future may reveal.

PIM solutions: 10 things to look for

A PIM implementation project throws up a lot of complex challenges. We look at ten of the most significant – the factors to bear in mind, and why you need to be on the ball well before starting the project itself.

The importance of product information management

The acceleration in eCommerce adoption makes a PIM system ever more essential, as the volume of product information grows exponentially. The gains of a PIM encompass revenue, competitiveness, and sustainability.

Ebook: Emerging Trends in the Product Data Ecosystem

Manufacturers, retailers, and distributors are needing to manage ever greater volumes of product data, as well as address increasing demands for more product information from customers. There are parts of the product data ecosystem that are critical to the successful management of product information and current trends suggest that four of these trends will have a significant impact on all sectors.

Ebook: 4 Steps to Drive Customer Value in the Product Data Ecosystem

If you are thinking about a digital transformation or are already embarking on one, you are probably considering improvements to your product information management processes and solutions, or even investing in a PIM. This eBook will help guide you on 4 key areas of opportunity in this space, to ensure you deliver real customer value.

Ebook: What is the product data ecosystem?

Understand the business and technology landscape of product data management and how you can take advantage of emerging themes across the product data ecosystem to gain competitive advantage.